This list con­tains all the books ref­er­enced in the Resource pages, orga­nized alpha­bet­i­cal­ly by author last name.

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A — H

The Sug­ar Addict’s Total Recov­ery Pro­gram — by Kath­leen DeMaisons

The author believes some peo­ple have a true phys­i­o­log­i­cal addic­tion to sug­ar, and she’s devel­oped a series of steps to help make with­draw­al eas­i­er and less painful.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense — by James Dobson

When you fear God has aban­doned you amid the storms of life.

Grace for the Good Girl — by Emi­ly P. Freeman

Let go of try­ing to achieve, and learn to receive.

Unseen — by Sara Hagerty

How feel­ing hid­den or over­looked can help draw us clos­er to God.

J — L

Enjoy­ing the Pres­ence of God — by Jan Johnson

Learn­ing to enjoy com­muning with God, rather than just going through the motions of a habit.

Sur­ren­der­ing Hunger — by Jan Johnson

A 365-day devo­tion­al about sur­ren­der­ing our heart and our out-of-bounds food habits to God.

When Food is Your Best Friend (and Worst Ene­my) — by Jan Johnson

An inti­mate look at emo­tion­al eat­ing from both Chris­t­ian and 12-step per­spec­tives, shar­ing the author’s first-hand struggle.

Well Fed Week­nights — by Mel Joulwan

Fea­tures a few meal tem­plates with vari­a­tions, and some tips for do-ahead prep. Every recipe fea­tures whole foods, with a Paleo bent.

It’s All Under Con­trol — by Jen­nifer Dukes Lee

Let­ting go and find­ing a peace you almost for­got was possible.

M — R

Present Over Per­fect — by Shau­na Niequist

Leav­ing behind fran­tic for a more soul­ful way of living.

Free­dom from Emo­tion­al Eat­ing — by Barb Raveling

The author — a Chris­t­ian who has walked this road her­self — pro­vides very prac­ti­cal helps for over­com­ing emo­tion­al eat­ing in this 40-day Bible study.

I Deserve A Donut — by Barb Raveling

For this excuse and many oth­ers, the author pro­vides a set of ques­tions to help you slow down and think through why you’re being tempt­ed to break your bound­aries, as well as a list of scrip­ture to speak the truth to yourself.

The Renew­ing of the Mind Project — by Barb Raveling

Sim­i­lar in for­mat to I Deserve A Donut (above), but broad­ened to include non-eat­ing issues such as pro­cras­ti­na­tion, lack of con­fi­dence, per­fec­tion­ism, regret, and many more.

Sleep Sound­ly Every Night, Feel Fan­tas­tic Every Day — by Robert S. Rosenberg

Writ­ten by a sleep spe­cial­ist, on a wide vari­ety of sleep issues.

S — T

21 Day Sug­ar Detox — by Diane Sanfilippio

Pro­vides a very thor­ough plan for going off of sug­ar and refined flour for 21 days. Includes meal plans and recipes.

A com­pan­ion book by the same author…

21 Day Sug­ar Detox Dai­ly Guide — by Diane Sanfilippio

A day-by-day hand­book and jour­nal for going through the 21-day program.

Real Food for Real Life

Real Food for Real Life (pdf book) — by Jana Snyder

(Not cur­rent­ly avail­able. Sorry!)

How to Eat Paleo (when you don’t live in a cave) - by Cyn­thia Spivey

A dirt-sim­ple intro­duc­tion to eat­ing the Paleo diet.

Mar­gin — by Richard Swenson

How to restore bal­ance to your over-sched­uled life.


Every Body Mat­ters — by Gary Thomas

Why tak­ing care of your body mat­ters to your soul, to God, and to the Church.

The Best Yes — by Lysa TerKeurst

Learn­ing how to say no to less-than-best things, so you can pour your best time and ener­gy into your core call­ings. Or just have more margin.

Made to Crave — by Lysa TerKeurst

Sat­is­fy­ing your deep­est desire with God, not food.”

(Cau­tion: if read­ing the names of spe­cif­ic foods trig­gers crav­ings — or worse — for you, this may not be the book for you.)


U — Z

Repur­posed Faith — by Rosie Williams

Breath­ing new life into your qui­et time.

Wired to Eat — by Robb Wolf

The author takes a slow, sci­en­tif­ic approach: a few weeks of elim­i­nat­ing sev­er­al prob­lem­at­ic foods from your diet, then test­ing var­i­ous carbs one at a time to see which you tol­er­ate and which you don’t. Paleo-based, but with wig­gle room.

Dis­ap­point­ment with God — by Philip Yancey

Where Is God When It Hurts — by Philip Yancey

Renewed — by Lucille Zimmerman

Four­teen lessons in self care by a pro­fes­sion­al therapist.

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