About the course

filled and freed book on deskThis is not a class that tells you, “Here’s the per­fect diet — do this!” Nor will it instruct you to just trust God and med­i­tate on scrip­ture — though we’ll cer­tain­ly do some of that. This class looks at your whole per­son — heart, soul, mind, and body — and helps you dis­cov­er how all those inter­act around food, and how to find a liv­able plan tai­lored to your unique life and needs.

The class lasts 14 weeks, with 12 weeks of home­work. Most weeks, the home­work will take about 30–45 min­utes for the week. Some weeks may include self-direct­ed exer­cis­es which might take more time.

The spi­ral-bound work­book includes the home­work and space to take notes, as well as a few recipes, a very flex­i­ble meal plan, and addi­tion­al resources. You’ll also receive a set of encour­age­ment and scrip­ture mem­o­riza­tion cards.

NOTE: Spring 2019 groups are closed and books are sold out.

If you’d like to be noti­fied when the next groups are announced, please join the wait­ing list.

In-per­son groups will receive a live teach­ing by Jana each week.

Vir­tu­al groups will have access to a record­ing of the teach­ing. You can lis­ten to the teach­ing when it’s con­ve­nient for you, and work with your small group to find a meet­ing time that suits all of you, for dis­cus­sion and sup­port.

Either option is $17.

This course is designed to change your life. It can be a very help­ful tool, but it can’t do every­thing for you! The more engaged you are, the more deeply it will impact you.

Because of that, I require every­one sign­ing up to agree to cer­tain require­ments. The spe­cif­ic require­ments are detailed on each of these pages, where you can learn more and fill out a reg­is­tra­tion form:

In-person groups

Virtual groups

Women who’ve taken this class say…

.“This is my favorite Bible study I’ve ever done.”
— Jolene
“I’m bet­ter at meal plan­ning now.”
— Anon

It made me real­ize how I can change my habits. Also, it was encour­ag­ing to real­ize I’m not alone.”

— San­dra
“The class changed my think­ing about how and what to eat. Also about who I am and how God loves me.”
— Jan
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