About the course

filled and freed book on deskThis is not a class that tells you, “Here’s the per­fect diet — do this!” Nor will it instruct you to just trust God and med­i­tate on scrip­ture — though we’ll cer­tain­ly do some of that. This class looks at your whole per­son — heart, soul, mind, and body — and helps you dis­cov­er how all those inter­act around food, and how to find a liv­able plan tai­lored to your unique life and needs.


Info about current classes can now be found on the Camp Jana website.


Women who’ve taken this class say…

.“This is my favorite Bible study I’ve ever done.”
— Jolene
“I’m bet­ter at meal plan­ning now.”
— Anon

It made me real­ize how I can change my habits. Also, it was encour­ag­ing to real­ize I’m not alone.”

— San­dra
“The class changed my think­ing about how and what to eat. Also about who I am and how God loves me.”
— Jan
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