March 2:

After you’ve lis­tened to the record­ing and done the first two ques­tions on the assign­ment (see the hand­out at the end of this post), please text or mes­sage me and tell me how I can best help you for the remain­ing class time. 🙂


Record­ing of March 2 session:

See images below; I refer to them dur­ing the talk.

(note: be patient! record­ing starts at 7 seconds)


The board of “top buts”:


The dia­gram I drew on the whiteboard:



is more important to me than



The hand­out (down­load­able file):

Hand­out for March 2 (big­ger yes)


March 9:

A note about the record­ing: there’s a bit of “dead air” about two-thirds the way through. Also, I edit­ed out a cou­ple rab­bit trails and the tran­si­tion isn’t always smooth.


Here are the charts I showed:

The rise in autoim­mune dis­eases and diabetes -

2 charts showing the rise in autoimmune diseases + diabetes since 1950

Com­par­i­son of the pro­cess­ing of canola and soy­bean oils vs. olive oil -

3 charts comparing the processing of canola and soybean oil vs. olive oil


Here’s this week’s hand­out: which fats are healthy

The carb demonstration:

I did a demo for the class that explains sim­ply what hap­pens to carbs in our body after we eat them. Here’s a video I made in 2019 of that same demo:  Watch video on YouTube.

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